For generations old stories have located Santa Claus to live in magical Lapland at the Northern European country, Finland. If you ever have visited this beautiful place with snow, Northern Lights and real reindeers in the nature, you know why children all over the world believe this to be the home of Santa. It is also the only country where you can meet Father Christmas every day of the year. Finnish Santa receives almost half a million letters from all around the world every year to his home office in Artic Circle.

I have been portraying this beloved character of Christmas already from early age. I follow the tradition of my family by presenting the third Santa Claus generation. This means I have been living in this fairytale since the childhood. Children in Finland know me from visits around the country and from TV. Every year when I put on this red costume, it is like magic how jolly old elf starts to live in me.

As a professional entertainer I am available for photo and Meet & Greet-sessions for international groups in cities of Helsinki and Oulu. I speak fluent English as well as Russian, Swedish and Finnish languages. For Chinese troupes I have learned basic Mandarin Chinese conversations. You can book me also abroad. My visits as a performer around Europe, Asia and USA, have been great experiences.

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